The Beauty of Gorakh



The Beauty of Gorakh

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Explore the beauty of Gorakh. Situated in the Daddu district of Sindh, on an elevation of 5,689 ft. above sea level, Gorakh Hills is an astounding beauty of fast-flowing streams born out of abundant rainfall in the rainy season. When the temperature in the area drops to minus degree the sight gets even more dazzling and exquisite. A winter wonderland.

The beauty of Gorakh Hills can leave us speechless at many moments, so does the chilling weather and cold breezes. These bouts of cool icy air in the hot summer days attracts many people residing in nearby villages and towns and a number of tourists from all the provinces and regions of the country.

Gorakh Hills has gained much popularity recently due to its unique natural beauty and the mesmerizing sunsets and sunrise. At night, a starry sky comes out to play, the universe reveals itself and everything suddenly seems infinite. And if you’re lucky enough to go on the night of a full moon, you get to see the illuminated hills nearby and that is another bewitching sight altogether.

Magellan takes pride in achieving an astounding number of 20+ trips to Gorakh in a span of a few years. We release at least 5 trips in six months, all of them better than the last. We believe in providing the most premium services that would make your experience an unforgettable one.

Join us for an exciting two days tour to Gorakh Hills, with Jeep Safari, a fun-filled Musical Night, Bonfire and delicious food! of course, we won’t let you starve 😉

Before the night ends, we also a have a surprise awaiting you. Something that’ll add fire (wink, wink) to your whole trip

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