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ormara beach


Ormara Beach
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It will not be wrong to call Baluchistan, the land of unexplored treasures, hidden behind through-sandy atmosphere are a range of beautiful seaside, with untapped scenery, away from the hustleand bustle of city lives. These untouched places not only allow you to connect with yourself on ameditative level but also gives you opportunities to discover the hidden majesty that Pakistan hasto offer.


The Beauty of Gorakh
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Explore the beauty of Gorakh. Situated in the Daddu district of Sindh, on an elevation of 5,689 ft. above sea level, Gorakh Hills is an astounding beauty of fast-flowing streams born out of abundant rainfall in the rainy season. When the temperature in the area drops to minus degree the sight gets even more dazzling and exquisite. A winter wonderland. (...)